Appa Nepali Full Movie - Dayahang Rai, Allona Kabo Lepcha, Siddhant Raj Tamang - New Nepali Movie

Appa Nepali Full Movie - Dayahang Rai, Allona Kabo Lepcha, Siddhant Raj Tamang - New Nepali Movie

Appa Nepali Full Movie - Dayahang Rai, Allona Kabo Lepcha, Siddhant Raj Tamang

Appa is a Nepali-language film written and directed by Anmol Gurung and produced by Ruden Sada Lepcha. The film features Dayahang Rai, Siddhant Raj Tamang and Allona Kabo Lepcha. The film was released on 28 June 2019 in Nepal and on 5 July 2019 in India.

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Sikkim and Darjeeling has played an integral part in the advancement of Nepali cinema. In their times, Tulsi Ghimire and Shambhu Pradhan were the most popular of directors, who helped popularize the Darjeelinge Nepali dialect among the youths to the West of the border. We saw Acharya and Katha this decade in particular, directed by Prashant Rasaili who also hailed from the region. With his recent venture Appa releasing this Friday, another film maker Anmol Gurung adds his name in the list of members contributing to Nepali cinema from that diaspora. Debut director Anmol Gurung’s Appa is tribute to all fathers who are ignored by their children. It’s an attempt to remind the children about the sacrifice and contribution fathers make in order to make their children’s lives better. In the movie, an ignorant tour jeep driver Birkhe (Dayahang Rai) gives shelter to Siddarth, a Bengali boy who loses his parents in an accident. Birkhe, a careless drunkard as he is, can’t take care of the boy for long and hence is advised to send him to the boarding school. Moreover, he isn’t allowed to meet him till Siddarth finishes his high school. Fast forward to the boy’s adulthood and he is a popular student in his school and is in love with a girl. What happens when Birkhe finally gets the opportunity to meet the boy makes up the rest of the story. Siddarth and Kabya’s affair and high school romance takes up the most of the second half which almost make the viewers feel as if they are watching two different movies until the final act weaves them together in a mildly convincing manner. However, the director and the young actors must be commended for their effort for showcasing such a sweet and realistic albeit short-lived affair. All the actors have given very convincing performances, especially Siddartha Raj Tamang and AllonaKaboLepcha are definitely going to win the viewers’ heart. Beautiful sceneries of Sandakpur captured using drone shots, change in lighting in accordance with the mood of scenes and some interesting camera angles makes cinematography one of the highlights of this movie. All the songs are situational and fits to the movie’s tone and background score.
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