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Love Station is a 2019 Nepalese drama romance film directed by Ujwal Ghimire. The film is produced by Gobinda Shahi, Krishu Shahi, and Kabir Bikram Shahi under the banner of Kafiya Films. The film stars Pradeep Khadka, and Jassita Gurung in the lead roles alongside Ramesh Budhathoki, Siru Bista, Rabi Dangol and Priya Rizal in the supporting roles. The film is scheduled to release on 5 April 2019.


" Love Station " ►Cast: Pradeep Khadka, Jassita Gurung, Ramesh Budhathoki, Siru Bista, Rabi Dangol, Priya Rizal, Prakash Shah, Kalu Rana, Dinesh Kafle, Rashmi Pandey, Rishu Kharel, Jwalanta Gautam, ►Make Up: Shyam Baral ►Hair: Aliza Sijwal ►Choreographer: Shishir Khati ►Publicity Design: Ananda K. Maharjan ►Dop: Aalok Shukla ►Chif AD: Dinesh Bahadur Rawat ►Asst.Direction: Sunil Neure, Sawan Sharma, Dilip ►Editor: Lokesh Bhajracharya ►Action: Kumar Shrestha ►Music: Dipak Sharma, Shambhujeet Baskota,Rajan Raj Shiwakoti,Alish Karki ►Lyrics: Dipak Sharma,Usha Serchan ►Singer: Sugam Pokhrel, Reshma Pun,Bhupu Pandey,Sahima Shrestha, David Shankar ►Background Score: Alish Karki ►Dubbing & mixing: Niraj KC ►Colorist: Kapil Parajuli ►Costume: Rasna Shrestha, Sarina Budhathoki ►Theatrical Trailer : Shahil Khan ►VFX: Shree Krishna Shrestha ►Production Manager: Rajendra Rawal (Nepal), Umesh Thapa (India), Travhill (Vietnam) ►Asst Editor: Sujan Badal ►Audio Mixing: Babu Pradhan ►Writer: Subash Singh Basnyat ►Camera & Equipment: Cinezone ►Drone Operator : Raju Basnet ►Digital Partner: Budha Subba Digital ►Post Production: Cine Zone ►Distributor: Bainkatesh (Out of Valley ), Kafiya (Valley) ►Producer: Gobinda Shahi, Krishu Shahi (Kafiya),Kabir Bikram Shahi ►Direction: Ujjwal Ghimire

Street Dancer 3D Full Hindi Movie - Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan Bollywood Movies

Street Dancer 3D Full Hindi Movie - Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan Bollywood Movies

Street Dancer 3D Full Hindi Movie - Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan Bollywood Movies

Street Dancer 3D Full Hindi Movie - Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan Bollywood Movies

Street Dancer 3D is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language dance film directed by Remo D' Souza. It is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar and Lizelle D'Souza under the banners T-Series and Remo D'Souza Entertainment. The film stars Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhu Deva and Nora Fatehi. Its music is composed by Sachin–Jigar, Tanishk Bagchi, Badshah, Guru Randhawa, Gurinder Seagal and Harsh Upadhyay, and released under the banner T-Series. The story explores a dance competition between some Indian and Pakistani dancers.

Originally planned as a sequel to Disney's ABCD 2 (2015), the film was taken off the title due to Disney's exit from Indian film production, and was instead renamed to its current title after Bhushan Kumar took over as producer. Filming commenced in February 2019 in Punjab, later moved to London and was wrapped up in July 2019. It was theatrically released in India on 24 January 2020.

Street Dancer 3D Full Hindi Movie -  Bollywood Movies

Sahej (Varun Dhawan) has a brother named Inder (Punit Pathak). Inder is dancing at the Ground Zero Dance Battle and while doing a flip stunt, he lands on his leg and injures it. He is healing, but cannot dance. Sahej brings the team, Street Dancer, into a studio through money that he is hesitant about revealing. Poddy (Raghav Juyal), is one of Sahej's close friends, along with D (Dharmesh Yelande) and Shushi (Sushant Pujari) are all part of the Street Dancer. While showing the dance studio to the Street Dancer team, they run into Inayat (Shraddha Kapoor) and her dance team as well. Sahej and Inayat have always been at standstills against each other and they have a dance battle. Inayat's team beats Street Dancer, embarrassing Sahej in the process. Inayat's cousin, Zayn (Salman Yusuff Khan), takes her home. Their families are very orthodox and Inayat lies about her dancing, hiding the truth from them.

Sahej goes and visits the dance group, the Royals, an all time, record-holding dance group that always wins the Ground Zero Competition. His girlfriend, Mia (Nora Fatehi) is on the team, and she is an incredible dancer. They discuss on how irritated Sahej is by Inayat, and she calms him down. After a dance sequence, Sahej and Inayat's gangs meet up in a restaurant. Another dance battle ensues and showcases Mia's ability, leaving everyone in shock.. Mia joins the Street Dancer gang, giving them the spark they wanted. The police and the restaurant manager, Ram Prasad (Prabhu Deva) control the fight. The gangs leave and as Inayat turns the corner she sees some homeless people entering the restaurant but walks away. The gangs meet up in the restaurant due to a cricket match that is going on and its India (Sahej's team) VS Pakistan(Inayat's team). In a process to upstage the other, they order more food for their order, which ends up being thrown on each other in a fight. As they leave, Inayat sees the same homeless people entering the restaurant from the back door. She follows them and meets Ram. He explains to her that these are illegal immigrants, and he feeds them food that isn't used. He takes her to an area where many illegal immigrants reside. She gets emotional and begins to help them.

The Ground Zero Competition returns and everyone signs up. In the process, the two gangs meet in the restaurant again. They have an argument, which ends up with Ram dancing, showcasing his ability to Sahej. Sahej, blinded by his ego, turns down the opportunity and impresses the Kings with his dance at a nightclub. Him and a few selected members of the Street Dancer team are allowed to join. Poddy is in a relationship with a girl from Inayat's gang and it conflicts him with the team. He realizes that Inayat's gang are participating in the Ground Zero Competition to help illegal immigrants and tells Sahej at the King's dance studio. A fight ensues between them, and Poddy leaves Street Dancer and joins Inayat's gang. The other members of the Street Dancer team feel left out as Sahej, D, and Shushi all spend their time with the Kings.

The first round of the Ground Zero Battle takes place and the Kings, along with Inayat's gang surpass the competition. As Sahej, D, and Shushi leave, they run into Amrinder (Aparshakti Khurana). He asks Sahej for help and Sahej says he doesn't know him and leaves. One night, D asks Sahej what's bothering him and Sahej breaks down. He explains that he went to India for his cousin's wedding and he met Amrinder and 3 other Punjabi's that played the drums at the wedding. They request him multiple times to take them to London, which Sahej says yes to after a while. He brings them there, and leaves them so they can enjoy their new life. That is where Sahej got the money for the studio. Amrinder tells Sahej that after he dropped them off, they went to a hostel. Over there, all illegal immigrants were staying and they were chased by the police. Leaving his identity as a Sikh and his passport, he and the 3 Punjabi drummers joined the homeless people. Inayat's gang were dancing to help them.

Later, the Kings and Sahej are walking in London. They run into the drummers where the leader of the kings accidentally breaks his drums. The drummers insult Sahej, and then he realizes that he is wrong. After another round in the Ground Zero Competition, Sahej leaves the Kings and helps Inayat's gang win the round. He quits the Kings, breaking Mia's heart, and forming Street Dancer again.

Many practices occur, and then Inayat's family finds out about her dancing actions. They ban her from dancing, shocking the team. Sahej and Zayn go to her house, and convince her family to let her dance. A relationship blossoms between Sahej and Inayat as they prepare for the final round of the Ground Zero Battle. The Kings perform, amazing the crowd. Street Dancer performs and in the middle of their dance, a member of the Kings take off the music. If there is no music, they cannot dance. Amrinder then uses his drums with his friends to make music for them to dance to. The leader of the Kings finds out about the music and puts it back in, since he did not want to cheat. At the end of their dance, Sehaj does the flip stunt his brother did that got him injured flawlessly. Making his brother and his country proud, Street Dancer wins the competition.

In the end, Sehaj and Inayat have a relationship as they help the immigrants.

New Hindi Movie 2020 Full HD | Kareena Kapoor, Kajol & Arjun Rampal | Latest Bollywood Movies 2020

New Hindi Movie 2020 Full HD | Kareena Kapoor, Kajol & Arjun Rampal | Latest Bollywood Movies 2020

New Hindi Movie 2020 Full HD - Kareena Kapoor, Kajol & Arjun Rampal - Latest Bollywood Movies 2020

New Hindi Movie 2020 Full HD | Kareena Kapoor, Kajol & Arjun Rampal

Veere Di Wedding (transl. Buddy's Wedding) is a 2018 Indian Hindi-language buddy comedy film, directed by Shashanka Ghosh and co-produced by Rhea Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor and Nikhil Dwivedi. It stars Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania in lead roles, as four friends attending a wedding.

Veere Di Wedding released theatrically on 1 June 2018 and received mixed reviews, but with praise for the chemistry and performances of the cast. Made on a budget of ₹25 crore (US$3.5 million), the film earned over ₹138 crore (US$19 million) worldwide to emerge as one of the highest-grossing Hindi films featuring a female lead. It received three Nominations at 64th Filmfare Awards including Best Supporting Actress for Talsania and Bhaskar.

The sequel to 'Veere Di Wedding' is currently on hold.

Kareena Kapoor, Kajol & Arjun Rampal | Latest Bollywood Movies 2020

The story revolves around four best friends - Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor Khan), Avni (Sonam Kapoor), Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar), and Meera (Shikha Talsania), who stay friends from high school through adulthood. The friends (Veere; "bros" in Punjabi) are living their own lives in different places when they reunite for Kalindi's wedding.

Kalindi has been living with her boyfriend, Rishabh (Sumeet Vyas) for two years in Australia. When he proposes to her, she is shocked. Coming from a broken home, Kalindi is averse to the idea of marriage. Her parents used to fight a lot and her father Krishna remarried soon after her mother Ritu died. Nevertheless, Kalindi agrees for Rishabh's happiness. Avni is a blossoming divorce lawyer in Delhi and her mother is on ever lookout for suitable groom for her. Sakshi is living with her parents after moving out of her NRI husband's London home due to frequent fights. She is taunted by upscale aunties for overstaying at her parents' place. She gets upset at the taunts she has to hear from neighbours for going to clubs. Meera lives in America, having married an American, John, with whom she has a son named Kabir after her father. She is estranged from her father, fondly called 'bade papa' because of her marriage to John, and though she misses him, she refuses to get in touch until he accepts John.

When Kalindi travels to Delhi to get married, she is overwhelmed by Rishabh's over affectionate family and their customary involvement in the wedding. They were making it a huge event (big fat Indian wedding) to "maintain face" in the society. While in Delhi, Kalindi lives with her gay Kuki uncle and his partner rather than her father, and reunites with her veere. Avni on insistence of her mother meets a few prospective grooms. Kalindi's father and step mother offers to help in her wedding but she is reluctant. She is disturbed by ceremonial demands of Rishabh's family and her own aversion to marriage, resulting in anxiety. During her engagement, Rishabh comments about her not having a proper family, which infuriates her and she leaves the gathering. Avni gets drunk to forget the fact that her prospective groom rejected her and ends up sleeping with Bhandari, Rishabh's cousin. Meera gets drunk and Sakshi leaves party midway because of taunts of 'aunties'.

The next morning, they find Kalindi in her old home which is a bone of contention between the brothers. Rishabh apologizes to Kalindi and they patch up. However, she explains that she cannot fulfill his family's expectations of her and they mutually break up the engagement. Her friends however, are not supportive of this decision, and try to reason with her, explaining that Rishabh is a good man and she shouldn't run away from marriage due to issues over his family. Kalindi stubbornly points out each of her friend's flaws instead, resulting in everyone getting into an argument and leaving.

Sometime later, Sakshi, believing they have become too overwhelmed with life's troubles, buys her veere a vacation to Thailand. They reconnect and come clean about their respective issues: Kalindi about her commitment issues stemming from her dysfunctional family; Avni about wanting to marry the right guy and sleeping with Bhandari; Sakshi about why her husband wants to divorce her. Sakshi and her husband were always fighting after marriage. One day, he walked on her masturbating; appalled, he decides to divorce her. Sakshi is embarrassed to tell her parents the truth about the divorce. Meera explains that she and John haven't had sex in a year after the birth of her son. Everyone decides to go back and face their problems. Sakshi tells her parents the truth and to her surprise, they are very supportive. John comes to India. Meera and he gets intimate. Avni tells her mom about her reluctance to settle for arranged marriage. Kalindi finds that Rishabh's father has been arrested for bank fraud as loan is not paid. Avni arranges for his bail.

Kalindi's friends pressurize Kuki uncle to resolve his four-year feud with his brother for Kalindi's happiness; they talk and resolve, this improves relations between father and daughter. The brothers transfer the family house to Kalindi as their gift. She proposes to Rishabh and they decide to marry but in a simple and stylish way.

On wedding day held in her renovated home, Kalindi wears her mother's old wedding gown and the ceremony is a small intimate affair with fewer guests. John calls Meera's father Kabir Singh and tells them about his grandson. He comes to the wedding and plays with his grandson Kabir. Sakshi gives news of her divorce settlement to 'aunties'. Avni decides to give Bhandari a chance, as he is smitten with her.

The film ends with everyone dancing at Kalindi and Rishabh's wedding reception.

Salman Khan New Released Movie 2020 - Dabangg 3 Full Hindi Movie - Bollywood Movies

Salman Khan New Released Movie 2020 - Dabangg 3 Full Hindi Movie - Bollywood Movies

Salman Khan New Released Movie 2020 - Dabangg 3 Full Hindi Movie - Bollywood Movies

Dabangg 3 is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language action comedy film directed by Prabhu Deva and co-produced by Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan under their respective banners of Salman Khan Films and Arbaaz Khan Productions. The film serves as a circumquel to the 2010 film Dabangg and 2012 film Dabangg 2, and is the third installment of the Dabangg film series. The screenplay of the film is written by Salman Khan, Prabhu Deva, and Alok Upadhyaye. The story, written by Salman Khan, is set in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The film features Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, and Arbaaz Khan reprising their roles from the previous film, along with Sudeep as the antagonist and Saiee Manjrekar in her Bollywood debut.

Set after the events of Dabangg 2, the film showcases Chulbul Pandey's origin as a police officer, after his encounter with an old rival named Bali Singh refreshes his memory.

Along with dubbed versions in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu languages, the film was theatrically released in India on 20 December 2019. It opened to generally favourable reviews from critics who praised Sudeep's performances while others found it formulaic and weaker as compared to the prequels. At the box office, the film's collections were further affected by the CAA protests, making it the lowest-grossing film in the franchise.

Bollywood Movies - Salman Khan Dabangg 3

Dabangg 3 Full Hindi Movie - New Bollywood Movies Download

Starting off again with a heroic antic, the story moves ahead from Dabangg 2 with the corrupt yet much loved cop, ASP Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan), preventing a robbery at a wedding, and beating the goons and their leader, Gullu, black and blue. Gullu then agrees to return to his former part-time job as a wedding band trumpeter, and Chulbul is seen dealing with the everyday lives of his wife Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), brother Makhanchand "Makkhi" Pandey (Arbaaz Khan), also a police officer, and his son, while his father Prajapati Pandey (Pramod Khanna) stays at home with Rajjo. Makkhi appears to be enjoying a lavish lifestyle most of the times. One fateful day, a despaired girl, probably injured, arrives in a hurry at Makkhi's station after escaping from somewhere, and seeks help; Makkhi, expecting to punish her captors, who tried to sell her and other girls off, is joined by Chulbul, and after a scuffle, the brothers arrest Chinti Walia (Dolly Bindra), who runs a prostitution racket.

While trying to force a confession out of Chinti at the police station, Chulbul intercepts a lawyer and some goons who have come over to have Chinti released, but he tears off the court order, and in desperation, the leader of the goons keeps his video call going on even as Chulbul smiles into the screen. Minutes later, the leader shows the video call to Bali Singh (Sudeep), who sees Chulbul, who in turns looks back into the phone camera to see Bali. Shocked beyond words, he reminisces his younger days, recalling his fate with Bali.

Years ago, when he was still young, Chulbul, whose real name turns out to be Dhaakad Chand Pandey, fell in love with a girl, Khushi (Saiee Manjrekar), who was initially being considered as a potential bride for Makkhi, after he noticed a photo of her in Makkhi's hand, and told his mother, Naini Devi (Dimple Kapadia), that he would be a good fit instead of Makkhi; a few days later, Khushi's maternal uncle Prabhat and maternal aunt Janki (Medha Manjrekar) agreed to the match between Dhaakad and Khushi, and the two began courting each other. At the same time, Bali, a ruthless and violent goon, set his eyes on Khushi and began making arrangements for his marriage with her. However, the moment he saw Dhaakad with Khushi, he decided to kill Khushi and her family right in front of Dhaakad's eyes after luring him to the spot. Prabhat and Janki were both killed, and Khushi was thrown off a cliff to die. Consequently, both Khushi's uncle Hariya (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his daughter Rajjo, revealed to be Khushi's friend, were deeply affected; Hariya took to alcoholism, while Dhaakad, who was framed by Bali and spent much time in prison for the deaths, was taken in by Commissioner Singh (Sharat Saxena) after saving him from attackers, and transformed into an uptight cop, naming himself Chulbul, in Khushi's memory, forming the events of Dabangg.

At present, Chulbul, having relayed this entire episode to Prajapati and Rajjo, decides that he has had enough, and he needs to close the chapter once and for good. Meanwhile, an ill-attracted Makkhi is misled by Bali into turning against Chulbul, nearly so as to slap him after he too is promoted to the rank of ASP. The action causes him to be banished from home by Prajapati, and he joins hands with Bali actively. Bali, who is set to become a politician and a minister in the upcoming elections, plans to bring in a truck filled with lots of money, and thus gets Makkhi and many other policemen in his circle transferred to one common location in order to facilitate the transportation. Chulbul, however, intercepts the truck and turns Bali's moles in the police force against Bali himself. As revenge, Bali gets several of Chulbul's associates kidnapped and brutally beaten to near death, until Chulbul breaks in again and frees them all, even when Bali has run awaywith Makkhi and some reliable accomplices.

Seeking to lure Bali into counterproductive action, Chulbul kidnaps Minister S. S. Sharma and his brother-in-law by staging a ploy with Gullu's help, and forces a confession out of them, which is made viral. Bali notices the same and Makkhi helps him track them down since he recognizes the hideout. Upon arriving there, Bali kills Sharma and injures his brother-in-law; in retaliation, he sends wrestlers to attack Rajjo and her son, but Chulbul arrives in time to save the two.

Some time later, Chulbul receives a call from Prajapati, who tells him that Rajjo hasn't arrived home. Sensing Bali's hand in the matter, he invades a quarry where Bali has held Rajjo, and surprisingly, Makkhi himself, as hostages - Makkhi was always on Chulbul's side and it was a game by the brothers to incense Bali; after an intense confrontation, Chulbul kills Bali.

Latest Bollywood Full Movie Panipat - New Bollywood Movies Download

Latest Bollywood Full Movie Panipat - New Bollywood Movies Download

Latest Bollywood Full Movie Panipat - New Bollywood Movies Download

Panipat is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language epic war film directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. Starring Arjun Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles, it depicts the events that took place during the Third Battle of Panipat. The film was theatrically released in India on 6 December 2019. The film was unsuccessful at the box office.

New Bollywood Movies Download - Panipat

Latest Bollywood Full Movies - New Bollywood Movies Download Panipat

By 1758, the Maratha empire in India had reached its zenith under Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao, popularly known as Nana Saheb. Able Maratha commanders like Raghunath Rao (his brother), Shamsher Bahadur (half brother) and Sadashiv Rao Bhau (cousin) had just returned victorious from a campaign against the Nizam, when court politics by Gopika Bai, the Peshwa's queen, led Nana Saheb to declare Bhau as finance minister. Bhau was a military man who had little experience or interest in politics, but he accepted the task. After his marriage to Parvati Bai, the Marathas are informed about new developments in North India, where the Rohilla chief Najib-ud-Daulah had killed the Maratha commander Dattaji Scidhia, who had gone to collect "chauth" from him. Najib-ud-Daulah, meanwhile, in a bid to undermine Maratha influence in the Mughal court, had sought an alliance with Ahmad Shah Abdali, the king of Afghanistan. Abdali had little interest at first, but Najib convinced him by talking about defeating the Marathas and being the master of Hindustan.

The Maratha chiefs asked Raghunath Rao to lead their army to stop Abdali, but he asked for a huge amount of money, which the treasury was unable to provide him. Raghunath refused to go, leading to Nana Saheb appointing Bhau as the commander of the Maratha army, under the overlordship of the Peshwa prince Vishwas Rao. On their march towards North India, Bhau striked up alliances with other smaller kingdoms and the Maratha chiefs outside Pune, and the army grew in size. Maharaja Suraj Mal, the Jat king of Bharatpur, also joined the Marathas. Abdali on the other hand, allied with kings who were angry with the Marathas for their haughty and arrogant behaviour in the past. Both sides sought the help of Shuja-ud-Daulah, the Nawab of Awadh, considered to have one of the strongest armies in North India. Bhau was successful in acquiring his support first, but Najib brought, in writing from Abdali, the promise of making Shuja-ud-Daulah the Prime Minister of the Mughal court, resulting in the Nawab changing sides. This was a big blow for the Marathas.

Skirmishes began to take place, with Bhau winning the Red Fort, and then Kunjpura Fort, north of Delhi. Abdali helplessly watched from the other side of the Yamuna river while the Afghan garrison was massacred at Kunjpura. The loss of Kunjpura exasperated Abdali to such an extent that he decided to cross the Yamuna at any cost. Meanwhile, Maharaja Suraj Mal left the Maratha camp after a misunderstanding with Bhau. Food supplies began to dwindle; the soldiers, along with the large number of non-combatants began to go without food. The Sikhs under Baba Ala Singh were unable to send help as the supply lines were cut off by Abdali. The two forces finally came face to face at Panipat, south of Kunjpura. Interestingly, both the armies had blocked each other's ways home. Abdali received news that there had been a rebellion back in Afghanistan. He wanted to leave immediately, but peace talks with Bhau fell through, making Abdali determined to defeat the Marathas first before returning home.

The battle began in the morning of 14 January 1761. The Marathas, starved and with nothing left to lose, attacked first. Abdali's forces were severely affected by the initial onslaught, but slowly recovered. In the heat of the battle, seeing Shamsher wounded, Vishwas Rao descended from his elephant to help him. Bhau saved Vishwas from Afghan soldiers, but a bullet hit Vishwas in the head and he died on the spot. This was a huge blow to the morale of the Maratha soldiers. One by one, their chiefs were either wounded or killed. Only Bhau remained, bravely fighting a group of Afghan soldiers closing in on him, but was ultimately slain. With his dying breath, he reminds Abdali that the latter might have won the battle, but will never win Hindustan. Abdali looks around, realising the magnitude of his own loss of men and resources.

In the aftermath, Parvati is shown to die of grief. Nana Saheb receives a letter from Abdali, praising the bravery of the Marathas and Bhau in particular. The epilogue reveals that even after winning this battle, Abdali never returned to India. Ten years later, under Peshwa Madhav Rao and Maratha chief Mahadji Scindhia, the Marathas again became a force to reckon with, recaputred Delhi and established their control over North India.

Captain - Anmol KC Latest Nepali Movie - Upasana Singh Thakuri, Priyanka Mv

Captain - Anmol KC Latest Nepali Movie - Upasana Singh Thakuri, Priyanka Mv 

Captain - Anmol KC Latest Nepali Movie - Upasana Singh Thakuri, Priyanka Mv

New Nepali Movie Captain - Anmol KC

Captain (Nepali: क्याप्टेन; also known by its tagline Captain: Match Beginning Soon) is a 2019 Nepalese sports drama film directed by Diwakar Bhattarai, written by Samipya Raj Timalsena, Diwakar Bhattarai, Sagar Kharel, Brajesh Khanal and produced by Bhuwan K.C. and Jiya K.C. under the banner of Super Kajal Films. It stars Anmol K.C., with Sunil Thapa, Saroj Khanal, Wilson Bikram Rai, Upasana Singh Thakuri, Priyanka Mv, and Prashant Tamrakar. The film, which follows a teenager who struggles to follow his father's footsteps in football, was filmed across Nepal and India, including Jhapa, Sikkim, and Ilam. It was released in Nepal on 1 March 2019. It received largely unfavourable reviews from critics for its storyline, visual special effects, and lead performances, and a mixed response from audiences. It grossed below average at the box office and ended its run after its second weekend.

Captain - Anmol KC Latest Nepali Movie

Madan Khadka (Saroj Khanal) was a talented footballer, but football cannot support his family, so he goes to Saudi Arabia to find work. His son, Ishan (Anmol K.C.), is following in his footsteps and wants to become a professional footballer. When his father is hurt in an accident abroad, Ishan faces the choice of whether he too should pursue his career, or work to support his family.

► Movie : Captain ► Cast: Anmol Kc, Sunil Thapa, Saroj Khanal, Prashant Tamrakar Wilson Bikram Rai, Rajaram Paudel, Surya Mala Khanal, Buddhi Tamang, Amit Shrestha ► Introducing: Upasana Singh Thakuri, Priyanka Mv ► Production Controller: Ishwor Ghimire ► Production Designer: Nagendra Ghimire ► Post Production: Aslesha Entertainment ►Vfx Supervisior: Samir Miyan ► Vfx: Satyam Rana, Madhukar Balami,Rameshwor Shrestha, Rajan Maharjan, Shree Krishna Shrestha ►VFX Studio: Motion Studio ► Motion Graphics: Vijay Bashyal ► Theatrical Trailer: Shahil Khan ► Publicity Design: Vijay Bashyal & Shann Thapa (Tauwa Creation) ► Digital Partner: OSR Digital ► Media Co-Ordinator: Dinesh Sitaula ► Music: Arjun Pokharel ► Chief Asst. Director: Giriraj Ghimire ► Asst. Director : Suman Upreti/ Aaryan Adhikari ► Football Instructor: Hari Khadka ► Colorist: Rajendra Moktan ► Cinematographer: Navraj Upreti ► Sound Design: Uttam Neupane ► Story: Samipya Raj Timalsena ► Singer: Anju Panta, Sugam Pokharel ► Music: Arjun Pokharel ►Music Arranger: Sailendra M Pradhan ►Mixing/Mastering: Kishor Thapa ► Lyrics: Diggaj Dhaurali ► Choreographer: Kabiraj Gahatraj ► Editor: Dirgha Raj Khadka ► Dop: Sudip Baral ►Workshop: Ana Deuja ►Script-advisor: Brajesh Khanal, Sagar Kharel, Pragyan Thapa ► Executive Producer : Jiya K.C ► Producer: Bhuwan Kc ► Writer/Director: Diwakar Bhattarai ► Shree Byankatesh Entertainment Pvt.Ltd anmol kc,anmol kc movies,anmol kc new movie,anmol kc new movies,anmol kc dreams,nepali movie,new nepali movie,anmol kc interview,new nepali movie song,anmol kc new nepali movie,captain full movie,captain,captain nepali movie,nepali movie,latest nepali movie,nepali movie captain,captain full nepali movie,captain nepali movie trailer,captain trailer,captain movie song,nepali movie 2018,latest nepali movie 2019,nepali movie 2019,nepali movie song,captain movie trailer,new nepali full movie 2076,new nepali full movie 2019,captain new nepali movie a mero hajur 3,mega star anmol kc,anmol kc full movie,anmol kc action movie,anmol kc new nepali movie,anmol kc new movie trailer,anmol k.c movies,latest nepali movie,anmol kc in bollywood movie,anmol kc latest movie dream Anmol KC Full Movie new nepali movie,nepali movie,latest nepali movie,nepali full movie,new nepali full movie,nepali film,new nepali movie 2019,new nepali film,best nepali movie,hit nepali movie,movie,latest nepali full movie,new nepali movie om,new nepali movie new,new nepali sexy movie,new nepali movie 2018,new nepali movie 2017 new,new superhit nepali movie,chachahui new nepali movie,full new nepali horror movie

New Nepali Movie 2020 - Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha

New Nepali Movie 2020 - Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha

New Nepali Movie 2020 - Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha

New Nepali Movie 2020 - Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha

Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha | New Nepali Movie 2020| Manish Sundar Shrestha,Malina Joshi,Swaroop Purush Dhakal

Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha | New Nepali Movie 2020| Manish Sundar Shrestha,Malina Joshi,Swaroop Purush Dhakal


B&B Films Production Presents 

❤️❤️Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha ❤️❤️

❤️Cast: Manish Sundar Shrestha,Malina Joshi,Swaroop Purush Dhakal , Barsha Shiwakoti, Sandeep Pokharel,Tamanna KC, Gopal Dhakal(Chhande),
❤️Background Score: Alish Karki 
❤️Choreography: Kabiraj Gahatraj, Renesha Bantawa Rai 
❤️Production Design: Ujir Rokka 
❤️Cinematographer: Ram Sharan Uprety 
❤️Publicity Design: Colorblind Design 
❤️Colorist: Renish Phago 
❤️Screenplay/ Dialogue: Madhav Ghimire 
❤️Chief Associate Director: Basanta Adhikari 
❤️Post Production: Kindle Cine Studio 
❤️VFX: Shree Krishna Shrestha,Samir Miya 
❤️Art Director: Hari Prashad Poudel 
❤️Sound Design/5.1 Mixing: Mukesh Shah 
❤️Action: Roshan Shrestha 
❤️Editor: Bhupendra Adhikari,Salik Dudal 
❤️Distributor: FD Company, BK Films 
❤️Digital Rights: Budha Subba Digital
❤️Presenter: Madan Dawadi 
❤️Executive Producer: Prakash Baskota 
❤️Co. Producer: Bina Karki 
❤️Producers: Madan Dawadi, Dal Chandra Dawadi, Hari Prashad Adhikari 
❤️Written & Direction: Vikash Basyal